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Car almost gets Crushed by a Giant Boulder Dash Cam Video

Dash Cam - Giant Stone falls on the road and nearly crushes a vehicle
Take a look of how a giant boulder almost crushes car

a rainy afternoon transiting vehicles normally on the road taking precautions for the rain, a driver was quietly circulating and recording with his dashcam later the surprise was when they came to a hill, this hill because of the rain broke off causing this fall of a large stone, luckily the driver managed to stop before the stone fell on him, this stone also raised a lot of dust and uncertainty was swift the car was parked a few inches of the stone even when piety was settling the car was a few feet.
Such accidents are common on roads with little maintenance and are in places where there are many hills, luckily seems driver the stone fell on the car, however was a big scare, the other drivers were amazed watching the stone fell, but seeing that the land had not hurt the vehicle's driver remain calm and all they took was a surprise.
Some hours later the municipal services were to run the road and remove the large piece of stone, and it was necessary to operate to remove, plus it took a few days to compose this road since the hole was left was large and the road around was destroyed.
As the above have a car insurance can ensure incidents like this will be handled by professional people, the driver of the car had insurance and they took care to restore small strokes that left small stones falling

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Car Crash Fatal frontal car crash causes big explosion Dash Cam

Collision causes huge explosion
Car crashes 2013
in this video we can see how a passing car driver on the road and trying to overtake the other in one of those attempts failed and crashed into another car coming in the other lane was apparently at high speed and it caused a big blow which resulted in a huge explosion, a fact that was near a part of the road was being rebuilt, all construction workers joined other people to help put out the flames, clearly this is a big problem and here the flames burned the drivers of both vehicles it is not known if they survived.
The cars to realize the huge explosion receded or around the perimeter to get through because he was scared of the blast, but many others stayed help construction workers tried to put out the fire with water tried to pull people vehicles were within plus many onlookers who stayed to watch.
This is one of the most amazing accidents since at the time of the explosion was instantaneous touch did not have time for anything was very strong shock because of the high speed, this is one of the three for reasons that have to drive safely and respect other drivers so you will avoid many fatal accidents, of course always good to have car insurance in this way we ensure that your car is always in good condition, it is essential to be able to walk the streets safe and you may wanna buy a Dash Cam.

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Car Crahes moto car vs motorcycle Dash Cam

Car crashes 2013 - A motorcyclist and a motorist who became embroiled in a figth.

Apparently a group of motorcyclists who journeyed down the road bother with a motorist who did not give this step correctly causing anger among both drivers and search for problems by the motorcyclist began as a simple glass threatens him up and after a heated exchange of words and blows in the mirror motorist was annoyed and turned away from the motorcycle at high speed, although these are not allowed and the speed began to follow a few kilometers ahead is found in automobile and motorcycle were made of words and the motorist began to run fast, but still the work motorcyclist hit the bike and tried to open the car door driver and driver was frightened and left quietly, but a few miles later decided to take revenge by destroying her motorcycle riders which accelerated reverse hitting almost trampling motorcycle rider. Then he fled at high speed but remained angry bikers try to hit your car but were frightened angry so they could do nothing and became like just watching.

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two children in stroller run over by car - car accident

car accidents - a family passers by the street as they were passing through a parking lot where they left their car, they decided to go for their car, but they had to wait for a woman driving out of the parking lot first, so the lady with the stroller was pushed aside to allow the car out. The terrible accident occurred when least expected, the lady who was driving the car suddenly accelerated trampling the poor children in the stroller, the driver was left frozen only looking as the children`s family was suffering watching how their poor child s were below the vehicle, and without the driver of the vehicle reacts to remove the vehicle upon them.
 a bunch of people that was passing by gathered to help the family,  they lifted up the car and the woman picked up the hapless boy from the parking floor
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car crash angry driver hits motorcycle with his car

car crash - the problem started when the motorcyclist began to bother with the motorist because he was blocking the way, to which the rider started to bother putting on in front of him, and catching up anytime you accelerate, the driver of the car pissed all actions of the motorcyclist, decides to accelerate and give some hits on the bike. after claiming for some miles the driver of the car accelerates and disappears from sight of the angry biker.

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Car Crash Incredible steel ball collides with truck

car crash -  a truck passed through the streets, in one of those streets had a building under construction, workers used machinery to tear down the building, passing between the building and the machinery this driver took a terrible surprise, when he passed by in front of the building one giant steel ball hit him sideways, causing the immediate destruction of the truck. Workers immediately rushed to assist them, but after that big blow was very hard to recover, the paramedics arrived and took them to hospital, it is known that the truck was completely rebuilt thanks to the drivers had auto insurance. The insurance covered the costs and the owners of the machines pay medical expenses.
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Child escapes from horrific Car Accident

car crashes caught on camera 2013 - as a kid walked down the road a car to a specific speed accelerated encounters a big problem because a group of kids were hanging out playing in the big streets of his home, the problem begins when children called attention play in the middle of the street where passing cars at high speed, the driver that came quietly in his car is shocked to see a child just as scarce miles, this would suppose no big deal to him but as the child was so distracted that he did not mind that a car was coming towards him. In a surprising reaction automobile driver hit the brakes as fast I react and turn the wheel allowing it to dodge the frightened child. This is another proof of how easy it is for children to be put in front of cars. This child was lucky, but tends to yours as severe accident can happen.
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