Car Crash Fatal frontal car crash causes big explosion Dash Cam

Collision causes huge explosion
Car crashes 2013
in this video we can see how a passing car driver on the road and trying to overtake the other in one of those attempts failed and crashed into another car coming in the other lane was apparently at high speed and it caused a big blow which resulted in a huge explosion, a fact that was near a part of the road was being rebuilt, all construction workers joined other people to help put out the flames, clearly this is a big problem and here the flames burned the drivers of both vehicles it is not known if they survived.
The cars to realize the huge explosion receded or around the perimeter to get through because he was scared of the blast, but many others stayed help construction workers tried to put out the fire with water tried to pull people vehicles were within plus many onlookers who stayed to watch.
This is one of the most amazing accidents since at the time of the explosion was instantaneous touch did not have time for anything was very strong shock because of the high speed, this is one of the three for reasons that have to drive safely and respect other drivers so you will avoid many fatal accidents, of course always good to have car insurance in this way we ensure that your car is always in good condition, it is essential to be able to walk the streets safe and you may wanna buy a Dash Cam.

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